The Albrecht Family
We bought two Golden puppies
from Colleen this past summer –
one for ourselves and one for my
son’s family. We visited several
times prior to taking the puppies
home. On each visit it was obvious
that Colleen and her family spent
a great deal of time working with
the dogs. They were well
socialized, scheduled and loved.
Both are AKC registered and
growing, but, most important, a
well loved member of their new

Without hesitation, I would buy my
next Golden from Colleen.
Choosing our Golden was a
year long venture that ended
the minute we met The
Babcock Family.  They truly
love all animals and take
great pride in their breeding
and placement of pups.  
These dogs are the most
gorgeous Goldens I’ve ever
seen.  We picked our pup out
at 2 weeks old.  We could not
take her home until she was 8
weeks.  In that time we were
able to come once or twice a
week to bond with our pup and
get “lessons” from Colleen on
how to raise and care for a
Golden.  She went the extra
mile to make sure this was a
union to last.  
The Wild Family
Finding the right dog was a very
important family decision.  Colleen
made our first meeting with her
and her dogs very comfortable.  
They were all outside running
around the large yard and she said
stay, play and enjoy.  She
introduced Mia, the pups mom,
who was so very excited to show off
her pups, that she even “talked”
about them as she pranced around
them.  Making the decision of
which pup was not easy, and not
quick.  Colleen ensured that the
decision was an important one and
to take as much time as needed.  
After picking our pup out , Colleen
took our first family photo, let us
paint the pups nail, and put on a
collar, so we knew she was ours.  
The White Family
Golden Beauties of NY | Colleen Babcock | 622 Four Rod Rd.| Alden, NY 14004

Golden Beauties of New York
From the moment we went to pick
out our pup, we could tell that he
was raised in a warm,loving and
secure environment. We were
allowed to visit him anytime, and
were encouraged to bring things
from home, such as a blanket so
that the pup would become familiar
with the scent of his new "Mommy
and Daddy".We also took him his
new collar,i'm sure it helped to
identify him, but he also got used to
wearing it right from the beginning.
Colleen and Brian treat every animal
as if they are their own, so needless
to say your pup will be spoiled!!!
We named our dog Chopper,and i
must say he is quite handsome. I
would highly recommend these
wonderful people, and please feel
free to call or ask any questions.
After careful consideration of golden
retriever breeders, my fiance and I
decided to visit the Babcock residence
in Alden, NY. From the moment we
walked into their home, we felt very
welcome and the family was
extrememly nice and thorough with
the pups. Brian and Colleen allowed us to come anytime to see
the puppies and we were able to pick out our pup when he was
only a few weeks of age. We named our pup "Deoge." If you
spell D-O-G, you will have said his name! I am thrilled with the
way Deoge progressed during his first weeks of life! We were
able to bring a blanket and a stuffed animal that had our scent
on it to make Deoge's transition home as easy as possible.
beautifully when we introduced him to his crate at home. He was
also beginning to learn his name! Colleen sent us pictures of
Deoge through our email on a regular basis which was
wonderful! We were also encouraged to ask questions about
anything we needed after taking our pup home. Another
wonderful experience that we have had the opportunity to
participate in is what my fiance and I call "doggie daycare."
Deoge had the opportunity to go to the Babcock home for the
day and visit with his golden retriever family once a week! This
was wonderful for socialization of a new pup and we knew that
Deoge had the best care he could possibly have! I STRONGLY
recommend this family if you are looking to own a Golden
Retriever. They are extremely accommodating and truly love
their pets! They are absolutely amazing people and my Deoge
is the most amazing addition to our new family!  
Jay and Mary Jo Wright
Wes Bonczyk and Linda Roth